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Meet our graduates


Join us for our information evenings held on the first Monday of every month. Partners are welcome.

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Meet our graduates

Our recent graduates talk about how the MBA journey has challenged their thinking and given them opportunities.

Samuel Stadler

Samuel Stadler

VP Marketing – Parrot Analytics

“The MBA has given me a fresh understanding of leadership: what it means to work in a high-performance team, to do that every day and ask ‘how can I be one percent better today? every day’ and set a new standard for excellence.”

Nidish Nair

Chief Executive Officer, Biocell Corporation (MBA)

“The MBA tool box comes in handy every time I have a complex business problem to solve. The concepts engrained in me are now present in every aspect of my decision making.”

Monica Brbich

Group Treasury Manager, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare (MBA)

“I saw the MBA as an opportunity to get a broad range of experience to then take that next step.”



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