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Here are the answers to some of the questions we get asked most often.

Am I eligible to apply?

Postgraduate Diploma in Business (PGDipBus)

You are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident and, at minimum, you will have completed a bachelors degree and at least two years of relevant experience, or have an approved professional qualification and at least two years relevant employment experience, or have completed at least five years of relevant employment experience. For the PGDipBus in Administration you are expected to have experience at middle management level.


A Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent professional level qualification or completed the PGDipBus (and achieved a ‘B’ average), and have at least three years of practical experience at a senior management level. Our MBA programme is open to both domestic and international students.


What is the general profile of my fellow MBA and PGDipBus students?

Postgraduate Diploma in Business (PGDipBus)

The PGDipBus students are professionals with a minimum of two years’ middle management experience who are looking to add depth to their business skills and move from mid to senior level roles. The average age of the PGDipBus student is 34 years with an average of 11 years’ professional work experience.


Our MBA students are generally professionals with at least three years’ senior level management experience who are in, or moving into, executive level roles and are looking to deepen their executive level competencies and leadership skills. MBA students are an average of 41 years old and have around 18 years’ professional work experience.


Upon completion of the PGDipBus, can I apply for the MBA?

PGDipBus graduates who achieve a B average or higher are eligible to apply for the full 180pt MBA programme. Applicants will also be required to attend an interview with the directors of the MBA programme, and any other assessment required, as part of the application process.


What is the real time commitment for the PGDipBus or MBA?

You will be actively involved in studying for 12 week quarters during the year.

PGDipBus class times: One weeknight 5.30-8.30pm.

You will be actively studying in-class for 30 hours per quarter. Classes run for ten weeks, plus there is one assessment week and one break week. For each hour in the classroom, you should commit approximately three hours to personal and group study.

MBA class times: Every fortnight; Fridays 12:00-4:00pm and 4:30-830pm, and Saturdays 8:30am-12:30pm and 1:00pm-5:00pm

Study at this level requires a significant time commitment. However, not all your study hours are spent in a classroom and this allows for flexibility to fit study around family and work commitments. For example a 15 point course requires 150 hours of learning over a 12 week quarter. Of those hours, 40 are delivered in class and the rest comprise reading, assignments, reflection and self-study which allows for flexibility and ease of integration into your life.


What size are the classes?

The PGDipBus and MBA class sizes vary from 20 to 40 students. As students are selected on academic achievement, experience and leadership qualities, numbers can vary year to year.


When can I start?

The PGDipBus has two intakes annually in (Quarter 1) January and (Quarter 3) June/July

The application closing dates are:

  • 1 May for students commencing the mid-year programme in Quarter 3.
  • 1 November for students commencing the programme in Quarter 1 in the following year.

The MBA has two intakes annually in (Quarter 2) April and (Quarter 4) September.

For domestic students, the application closing date is:

  • 1 February for students commencing the programme in Quarter 2.
  • 1 July for students commencing the programme in Quarter 4.

For international students, the application closing date is:

  • 1 November for students commencing the programme in Quarter 2 in the following year.
  • 1 February for students commencing the programme in Quarter 4.


Can I get a student loan?

Student loan is only available to domestic students. As long as you are studying at least 30 points in the calendar year, you are eligible for a student loan for tuition fees. For more information and to apply for a loan, visit our Student Loans and Allowances page.


Are all students eligible for a student loan?

Only New Zealand citizens and permanent residents are eligible for a student loan.


What happens if I fail a course?

If you fail a course, you will have one chance to re-sit. If you are having problems with your course of study or family issues, staff and faculty at the University of Auckland Business School are here to help.


What happens if I get ill or am unable to continue with my studies for a period of time?

If you become ill or have compelling reasons for temporarily suspending your MBA, the Director of Academic Programmes is authorised to allow you, at his/her discretion, one opportunity to suspend your course of studies for a maximum period of one year.


Will my degree from an overseas university be enough to gain entry to the MBA?

There is a process to go through to verify international qualifications. For specific questions concerning your degree, please contact the University admissions office.


Is the MBA an Executive MBA?

The MBA at the University of Auckland is designed for experienced professionals. Like international Executive MBAs eligibility into the University of Auckland programme is offered part-time and is dependent on your relevant management experience.


What is an MBA or PGDipBus “cohort”?

The MBA and PGDipBus is taught by “cohort”. This means that the MBA and PGDipBus classes that start together, generally stay together throughout the programmes.

Substantial research indicates that adult students who consistently work together get greater benefit from interaction in the classroom. This increases the quality of the work produced by students and also offers a much stronger opportunity to form long lasting relationships with peers.


Who can I contact for more information?

Contact the Graduate School of Management by phone, email or online form as follows:


  • 09 923 1535 (within Auckland)
  • 0800 61 62 63 (outside Auckland)
  • +64 9 923 1535 (overseas)
WebsiteOnline enquiry form

We are happy to meet you for a one-to-one discussion about your options and you can also attend one of our Connect! information sessions to meet our team and other prospective students.

For prospective MBA students we host two MBA Tasters so you can experience first-hand if you are ready for the pace and intellectual rigour that our MBA can deliver.




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